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Benchmark Indices

The STOXX Benchmark indices cover global and regional markets, tracking precisely the performance of broad regions and market segments. The STOXX Benchmark indices are separated into Fixed Component Benchmark indices and Variable Components indices.

Worldwide, the STOXX Benchmark indices are used as underlyings for financial products and as benchmarks for actively managed funds.

RegionBenchmark Indices
GlobalSTOXX Global 1800
STOXX Global 3000
STOXX Global Total Market
Global ex EuropeSTOXX Global 1800 ex Europe
STOXX Global 1800 ex UK
STOXX Global 1800 ex France
STOXX Global 1800 ex Germany
STOXX Global 1800 ex Switzerland
STOXX Global 3000 ex UK
STOXX Global 3000 ex France
STOXX Global 3000 ex Germany
STOXX Global 3000 ex Switzerland
Global ex North AmericaSTOXX Global 1800 ex North America
STOXX Global 3000 ex USA
Global ex Asia/PacificSTOXX Global 1800 ex Asia/Pacific
STOXX Global 1800 ex Japan
STOXX Global 3000 ex Japan
Global ex AustraliaSTOXX Global 1800 ex Australia
STOXX Global 3000 ex Australia
Global ex CanadaSTOXX Global 1800 ex Canada
STOXX Global 3000 ex Canada
Global ex ChinaSTOXX Global 3000 ex China
Global ex East AsiaSTOXX Global 3000 ex East Asia
EmergingSTOXX Emerging Markets 1500
STOXX Emerging Markets 1500 ex BRIC
STOXX Emerging Markets Total Market
STOXX Emerging Markets ex BRIC Total Market
DevelopedSTOXX Developed Markets 2400
STOXX Developed Markets Total Market
Developed and EmergingSTOXX Developed and Emerging Markets Total Market
AmericasSTOXX Americas 1200
STOXX North America 600
STOXX Americas Total Market
STOXX Canada 240
STOXX USA Total Market
Americas ex CanadaSTOXX Americas 1200 ex Canada
Americas ex USASTOXX Americas 1200 ex USA
Latin AmericaSTOXX Latin America Total Market
STOXX Latin America 200
Asia/PacificSTOXX Asia/Pacific 600
STOXX Asia 1200
STOXX Asia Total Market
STOXX Australia 150
STOXX China A 900
STOXX China A Total Market
STOXX China B Total Market
STOXX China H Total Market
STOXX China Red Chips Total Market
STOXX Greater China Total Market
STOXX Greater China 480
STOXX Hong Kong 210
STOXX Hong Kong All Shares Total Market
STOXX Hong Kong All Shares 180
STOXX Indonesia Total Market
STOXX Japan 600
STOXX Malaysia Total Market
STOXX Pacific Total Market
STOXX Pacific 100
STOXX Pakistan Total Market
STOXX Philippines Total Market
STOXX Singapore 75
STOXX Thailand Total Market
STOXX Vietnam Total Market
STOXX Japan International Exposure
Asia/Pacific ex AustraliaSTOXX Asia/Pacific 600 ex Australia
Asia/Pacific ex JapanSTOXX Asia/Pacific 600 ex Japan
Asia ex ChinaSTOXX Asia 1200 ex China
Asia ex JapanSTOXX Asia 1200 ex Japan
East AsiaSTOXX East Asia 1800
STOXX East Asia Total Market
East Asia ex JapanSTOXX East Asia 1800 ex Japan
EuropeSTOXX Europe 600
STOXX Europe 600 Equal Weight
STOXX Europe 600 ex Financials
STOXX Europe 600 ex Banks
STOXX Europe 600 ex Health Care
STOXX All Europe 800
STOXX Europe Total Market
STOXX All Europe Total Market
STOXX Austria Total Market
STOXX Belgium Total Market
STOXX Bulgaria Total Market
STOXX Croatia Total Market
STOXX Cyprus Total Market
STOXX Czech Republic Total Market
STOXX Denmark Total Market
STOXX Estonia Total Market
STOXX Finland Total Market
STOXX France Total Market
STOXX Germany Total Market
STOXX Greece Total Market
STOXX Europe Low Risk Weighted 100
STOXX Europe Low Risk Weighted 200
STOXX Europe Low Risk Weighted 300
EURO STOXX Low Risk Weighted 50
EURO STOXX Low Risk Weighted 100
EURO STOXX Low Risk Weighted 150
EURO STOXX Total Market
EURO STOXX ex Financials
STOXX France 90
STOXX Italy 45
STOXX Spain 30
EURO STOXX International Exposure
Eurozone ex FranceEURO STOXX ex France
Eurozone ex GermanyEURO STOXX ex Germany
Europe ex EurozoneSTOXX Europe 600 ex Eurozone
STOXX Europe ex Eurozone Total Market
Europe ex FranceSTOXX All Europe 800 ex France
STOXX Europe 600 ex France
Europe ex GermanySTOXX All Europe 800 ex Germany
STOXX Europe 600 ex Germany
Europe ex SwitzerlandSTOXX All Europe 800 ex Switzerland
Europe ex UKSTOXX All Europe 800 ex UK
STOXX Europe 600 ex UK
STOXX Europe ex UK Total Market
NordicSTOXX Nordic
STOXX Nordic Total Market
EU EnlargedSTOXX EU Enlarged Total Market
Eastern EuropeSTOXX Eastern Europe 300
STOXX Eastern Europe Total Market
BalkanSTOXX Balkan Total Market
STOXX Balkan Total Market ex Greece & Turkey
STOXX Sub Balkan Total Market
AfricaSTOXX Africa 90
STOXX Africa Total Market
STOXX Egypt Total
STOXX Morocco Total Market
STOXX Nigeria Total Market
STOXX South Africa Total Market
STOXX Tunisia Total Market
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