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Decarbonize Your Portfolio: Low-Carbon Indices

Decarbonize Your Portfolio: Low-Carbon Indices

Apr. 14, 2016

Apr. 14, 2016

As economies across the world begin their transition to a low-carbon model, following December’s seminal climate summit in Paris, institutional investors will increasingly require tools to align their portfolios in order to reduce their carbon exposure.

Passive investment is a crucial part of this shift, and many innovations have been made in the low-carbon indices space to help investors achieve their targets. 

Join global index specialist STOXX and experts from CDP and ISS ESG as they explore how innovative indices will flag the growing importance of climate issues in portfolios and encourage investment flows into low-emitting companies.

Panel session includes:

 - Why should investors care about carbon risk?
 - What range of products are available to help mitigate carbon risks?
 - What are the advantages of using low-carbon indices (compared with active strategies)?
 - How does the performance of low-carbon indices compare with mainstream equivalents?


 - Willem John Keogh, Senior Product Development Manager, STOXX Limited
 - Maximilian Horster, Director Financial Industry, ISS ESG
 - Susan Dreyer, Director DATCH region, CDP
 - Peter Cripps, Editor Environmental Finance, (Moderator)


Watch here the recorded webinar.



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Decarbonize Your Portfolio: Low-Carbon Indices
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