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Dec. 02,2019 STOXX European Benchmarks — The Gateway to an Entire Region

A new paper analyzes the profile of three flagship STOXX European benchmarks, aimed at overseas investors building international portfolios.

Aug. 21,2019 STOXX Named Administrator Under EU Benchmarks Regulation

The Benchmarks Regulation guards the reliability and integrity of financial benchmarks used in the 28-nation Union.

Aug. 06,2019 EURO STOXX 50 ESG Index – The Eurozone’s Sustainable Benchmark

A responsibility-focused version of the iconic EURO STOXX 50 helps bring ESG values to the core of portfolios.

May. 16,2019 First Leveraged Products Launched on STOXX ESG Benchmarks

Providing investors new tools to manage risks in their sustainable portfolios.


Since the vote of UK citizens in favor of leaving the EU in June 2016 and the more recent triggering of Article 50 by the UK government, the effects of this historical decision have been played out in...

Oct. 26,2016 STOXX Shifts from Traditional Benchmarking to Providing QIS Solutions

Our CEO Matteo Andreetto talked to SRP about STOXX's Select Diversification Solutions and providing underlyings via quantitative investment strategies.

Jun. 06,2016 EU Benchmark Regulation Finalized

The European Council has adopted new financial benchmarks regulation.

Feb. 18,2016 Managing the secured versus unsecured basis risk: Hedging with a secure benchmark

As uncertainties in the repo market persist, more precise and tailored hedging instruments should become increasingly appealing.

Nov. 27,2015 Benchmark Regulation – A Global Challenge

Global challenges require consistent solutions

Nov. 18,2015 Is Your Benchmark Right For Your Strategy And Performance Measurement?

Institutional investors are increasingly opting for passive investments, but they must be more active when choosing benchmarks.

Oct. 22,2015 Implications Of New European Benchmark Legislation

Implications for Asset Managers, Indexing Companies, and Institutional Investors

Jun. 20,2014 EURO STOXX Small Index: a liquid gateway to high performing Eurozone smallcap stocks

EURO STOXX Small Index: a liquid gateway to high performing Eurozone small-cap stocks