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May. 23,2016 EURO STOXX 50 Corporate Bond Index – The Gateway To Cross-Asset Investments Into Eurozone Blue-Chips

The EURO STOXX 50® Corporate Bond index allows market participants to invest into investment grade debt issued by key Eurozone blue-chip companies. The carefully defined index methodology hereby pays ...

Jul. 22,2014 Investing in German blue chips - A US perspective

This paper evaluates the current state of the Germany economy and its capital market cross-sectionally and over time. We find a stable and promising economy in absolute and relative terms. During the ...

Dec. 11,2013 STOXX Europe 600 EM Exposed and STOXX China A 50 Indices

Dr. Hartmut Graf, Chief Executive Officer, interviewed by CNBC Asia on the STOXX Europe 600 EM Exposed and STOXX China A 50 Index

Mar. 01,2012 Index committee or index rules? Examining different approaches to index management

One of the key arguments for investing in indices is often cited as transparency of the index rules. But how transparent are these rules in practice and how reliable is their application? In this arti...

Oct. 01,2011 Boom of emerging markets