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Oct. 20,2017 Trending now in Taiwan: Smart Beta

Yuanta CEO Julian Liu tells us why he sees innovative, alternative-weighting index products taking off in his home market.

Jan. 12,2017 Asia/Pacific: Smart Beta, Diversification Drives Indexing Growth

Distinct growth for asset management in Asian markets is fueling demand for traditional and alternative index products.

Jun. 06,2016 Marco Corsi, iShares: "New direction in index investing: Thematic, Smart Beta and Sustainable ETFs"

STOXX Ltd. invited you to an inspiring exchange with some of the best minds in the investment community: the STOXX annual conference "innovat:invest 2016".

Mar. 01,2016 STOXX® Index-Based Risk-Controlled Portable Smart Beta Strategies

Nov. 02,2015 The Triumph of the Quants

With advances in technology, these days everyone can become a quant.

Oct. 21,2015 Smart Beta – A Quick Overview

A quick overview on smart beta

Oct. 21,2015 Smart-Beta Index To Capture “Abenomics” Returns

A new smart beta index from STOXX and MUTB should benefit from the economic reforms in the country.

Sep. 23,2015 SMART BETA: the 360° overview

STOXX Ltd. and CFA Society Germany invite you to a two-day conference: SMART BETA: the 360° overview - Is it time to incorporate smart beta into your allocation? Sep. 23 and 24, 2015 Hotel Cristal, ...

Mar. 21,2014 Risk-based index strategies – a comparison

During recent turbulent years, investors became increasingly aware of the risk implied in their equity portfolios. Looking at the European equity market, it can be observed that, especially since 2008...

Aug. 23,2013 Strong Quality Family - A different index solution

Successful investing has always centred around companies that demonstrate superior profitability over time. Today’s profitable companies have a tendency to continue being profitable tomorrow as well.

Jul. 28,2013 Minimum Variance investing and the tracking-error conundrum

Consultants and advisors recommend minimum variance (MV) strategies because of their potential to lower absolute fund level risk while producing returns at least in line with a capitalization-weighted...