DAXglobal® Gold Miners (TR) EUR

As good as gold Investors trust in gold because it is considered a safe investment even in economically difficult times. They use it to diversify their portfolios as well as to hedge against inflationary and USD exchange rate fluctuations.  Investments are usually made in gold bars and coins; in Asia and the Middle East; gold jewelry is also an attractive investment. Since 2002, gold-based ETFs have also becoming increasingly popular. The industrial use of gold, for example in electronic components, dentistry and innovative sectors such as nanotechnology and cancer treatment, is also a growth market. The DAXglobal® Gold Miners Index gives investors the opportunity to participate in and track the performance of attractive growth companies operating around the world primarily in the areas of gold mining and processing. The constituents are exclusively companies that generate at least 50% of their income from this sector. The DAXglobal® Gold Miners Index also serves as the ideal underlying for structured products and ETFs that offer attractive performance in the long term.

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