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How to use this website

1. Access to Data and Reports

The access throughout the different range of content on can be explained introducing these three groups:

  • Guest: Non-registered user
  • User: Registered user without a license agreement
  • Customer: Registered user with a license agreement

According to the relevant privileges that each of them have, the following chart shows what content can be accessed.

Type of Content Guest User Customer
Corporate Action, Weightings & Composition Files
Historical Index Values
3 Months

1 Year

Full History
Various PDF


2. Files’ location on the website

Component Information, Factsheet Information, Historical Data, Composition Lists, Review / Rebalancing Files, Reference Data can be found on index page under the “Data” tab.

Historical data shall be accessed through the index page under the “Archive” tab using the link, where xxxx is a placeholder for index symbol*. Choosing time frame of requested data and pressing GO will provide you with data on monthly basis in zip file.


3. Introducing HTTP and SFTP Download

Technically, there are two means to automatically download STOXX Data: HTTP and SFTP.


HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the communication protocol that lets data files be downloaded from the STOXX website. Manual download of a data file just requires a mouse click on the corresponding icon.

If you are interested on automated data download by HTTP, check the Downloading with a script method.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)* access to STOXX Data is supported, and you can get access to STOXX files. This method is ideal for more sophisticated and larger file transfers.
The access to the SFTP data is restricted to a combination of unique user ID (username) and password.

* To acquire this service, please contact your Sales Representative or Customer Support.


4. Downloading files with a script

Automatic data file downloads can be done with a variety of different download tools, depending on the platform you want to run them on. Most of the files which we offer to download are protected, thus you have to provide your user credentials (username/password) first. They can be provided as “Basic Authentication” in the header and hence it is not required to write download scripts which emulate a browser login session. Beware that with a wrong username/password, the download appears to succeed but the file contains the HTML code of the login page rather than the requested data.


If you do not already have a Download Manager at your disposal, we recommend the Open Source product cURL. It is a powerful command-line tool available as ready-to-use packages for a large variety of platforms at


To download a data file from the STOXX website, use the command below:


curl --user username:password -L -o local-filename

Example to download the Historical Data for EURO STOXX 50®:
curl --user username:password -L -o h_sx5e.txt


If you must go through a proxy in order to reach the Internet, add this command line switch:


curl --proxy host:port --user username:password -L -o local-filename


5. URLs


Resources (Methodology, Rulebooks, Dissemination) Documentation/Index_Files_Guide.pdf


Daily Reports (Components, Open & Close Composition)


Daily Reports (Corporate Actions)


Daily Reports (End of the day data)


Historical Data (Index Values, Cost to Borrow, Leverage & Short, Dividend Points)


Monthly & Quarterly Reports (Review Calendar, Review Files, Pre-Selection Lists, Selection Lists)******


Non-restricted Data (Factsheets, Components, Selection Lists)



xxxxx - index symbol, XXXXX - index symbol (uppercase)

YYYYMMDD - file publication date

YYYY - year, QX - quarter, Month - month (first letter capital)

P### - third-party data license identifier)

* reports published before 1/11/2023

6. Downloading files with SFTP

If you do not already have an SFTP client at your disposal, we recommend WinSCP. 

Connection details

Port: 22
Credentials: The credentials for the STOXX Website and iSFTP are harmonized to allow clients to connect with a unified username and password. Your username can be found on


Whitelisting requirements, Folder Structure and Download script are available in the iSFTP Technical Guide

All updates on the IT infrastructure can be found on 


7. Notification Subscription


  1. Once you log in, click on the Welcome user menu -> My Profile
  2. Under PREFERENCES, click the editing icon on the right side.
  3. Mark the checkbox stating you want to receive notifications.
  4. Select the indices you would like to know about, Areas of Interest, and Notification Preferences.
  5. Click on Submit button.


Notification Preferences


Subscription Categories Notification Preferences 
Index Region and Index Type Publication of index composition change due to review or corporate action
STOXX General Website and Events Information
Market Consultation Publication of market consultation and results of market consultation
Vendor Notification New index dissemination, index decommissioning
STOXX Resources
Monthly Reports Publication of monthly reports
Systems & IT Publication of technical information related to files and system changes
Methodology Publication of methodology changes
Selection Lists Publication of selection lists
Periodic Reviews Publication of review reports and preliminary free float
Dissemination Publication of index value correction, index suspension, resume or termination
STOXX Index Data
Corporate Actions and Dividend Alerts Publication of index adjustment due to corporate action correction, corporate actions adjustment, dividend adjustment
Daily Index Data Publication of composition lists, index values and divisors for European indices, divisor adjustment, daily component changes, week's forecast due to corporate actions, index data publication information
Factsheet Update Alert Publication of factsheets
General Information from Index Team Other non-categorized notifications
Real Time Dissemination Data Dissemination problem with Stock Exchange Data