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The consistently high-quality standard of our indices is based on the STOXX and DAX Index Guides. They set clear and binding rules for the development, calculation, regular review and adjustment of the STOXX and DAX index families. The STOXX and DAX Index Guides guarantee objective operation and provide transparency and reliability – typical STOXX and DAX qualities that support investors and simplify investment decisions.


For any methodology changes, clarifications,  temporary amendments to the below index Methodology Rule Books, please click here or refer to Home > News > Announcements > Methodology


STOXX Rulebooks Download
STOXX Index Methodology Guide
STOXX World Equity Index Methodology Guide
STOXX Calculation Guide
STOXX DVP (Dividend Points)
STOXX Strategy Index Guide
STOXX Reference Calculations Guide
STOXX ESG Index Methodology Guide
SI Methodology Indices
STOXX Distribution Points Guide
STOXX Currency Rates Guide
iSTOXX Methodology Guide
STOXX Reference Rates Guide
Guide to Industry Classifications Used By STOXX
STOXX Eligible Market Segments Guide
STOXX Quality Charter  
DAX Rulebooks Download
Guide to the DAX Strategy Indices
Guide to the DAXglobal Equity Indices
Guide to the GEX Equity Indices
Guide to the DAX Equity Indices
SI Methodology Indices
Guide iNAV
Guide to the eb.rexx Bond Indices
Guide to the EUROGOV Bond Indices
Guide Aktienindex Deutschland RC-10%
Guide to the VDAX Volatility Indices
Guide to the DAX International Strategy Indices
Guide to the REX Bond Indices  
Guide to the World Luxury Index  
Leitfaden zum World Luxury Index  
Historical Index Compositions  
Historische Indexzusammensetzungen  
Template Declaration of Conformity for Foreign Companies
STOXX and DAX Policy Download
Index Transition and Cessation Policy