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Licence Agreement Application Form

STOXX Ltd. provides a wide range of data and services related to the calculation and distribution of STOXX and DAX index products via The users who have entered into a license agreement with STOXX Ltd. are able to fully access and download data from via their account.


In the case that your institution or firm does not have a license agreement with STOXX Ltd. and you wish to access and use index data, you should contact your local representative or fill in the Licence Agreement Application Form available below.


If you are a student or a professor requiring access to index data for academic research, please contact us by completing the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Please note that non-registered users are able to access certain data and documents such as 'Factsheets', 'Components', 'Methodology Guides', charting and performance tools.


Please complete the form below.

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Please complete all fields. If you were a registered MySTOXX user, please ensure that all details are consistent with those provided previously.

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STOXX Data Usage

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