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Jul. 26,2018 The Quality Factor

A relatively recent addition to factor investing, quality has long been employed by active managers and has proved its worth.

Sep. 07,2017 Japan’s ‘Quality’ Index Drives Investor Returns, Study Finds

Researchers argue few things work as well as prestige and shame to push managements into boosting efficiency and governance.

Mar. 16,2017 A Quality and Income Strategy for Asian Stocks

Yoshiyuki Masuda of MUTB discusses the benefits of the newly licensed iSTOXX MUTB Asia/Pacific Quality Dividend 100 Index.

Jul. 25,2016 Quality With a Focus on Company Reinvestments

In a market that’s rewarding quality businesses, a new STOXX index tracks companies that reinvest in employee and physical capital.

Aug. 23,2013 Strong Quality Family - A different index solution

Successful investing has always centred around companies that demonstrate superior profitability over time. Today’s profitable companies have a tendency to continue being profitable tomorrow as well.