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Mar. 01,2016 STOXX® Index-Based Risk-Controlled Portable Smart Beta Strategies

Mar. 21,2014 Risk-based index strategies – a comparison

During recent turbulent years, investors became increasingly aware of the risk implied in their equity portfolios. Looking at the European equity market, it can be observed that, especially since 2008...

Aug. 23,2013 Strong Quality Family - A different index solution

Successful investing has always centred around companies that demonstrate superior profitability over time. Today’s profitable companies have a tendency to continue being profitable tomorrow as well.

Jun. 30,2013 Combining dividend paying stocks with low volatility ones

Investors have been showing a strong interest in certain themes like dividends and low volatility. The purpose of this document is to investigate the possibility of enhancing the historical performanc...

Oct. 28,2012 Risk Control Strategies - Research Report

Advanced index concepts which try to optimize the risk/return profile and protect investors from losses have recently gained popularity. As a new approach the so-called target risk or risk control str...

Oct. 01,2011 Volatility measures market risk

In phases of market uncertainty, the daily highs and lows on the global stock exchanges are like a temperature curve. However, instead of measuring the situation on the markets according to their resp...