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STOXX Launches Comprehensive Family Of Low Carbon Indices

Press Release

Andreas von Brevern


Phone: +49 (0) 69 211 14284

Zurich | Feb. 04, 2016

Feb. 04, 2016

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STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today introduced the STOXX Low Carbon index family. The new index family consists of four sub-families which offer varying degrees of carbon exposure to enable market participants to limit the exposure of their portfolios to carbon risk while participating in the low-carbon economic growth.

The STOXX Low Carbon index family is designed to act as an underlying for exchange-traded funds and other investable products, such as structured products and derivatives; and as benchmark for passive and active investment strategies.

“Reducing carbon emissions is a global objective, and market participants look for fully tailored solutions to decarbonize their portfolios to address long-term climate risks, while participating in the sustainable growth of a low-carbon economy. One of their main challenges in this process is high-quality data that makes granular analysis of companies’ carbon footprint and climate impact through the entire supply chain possible,” said Hartmut Graf, chief executive officer, STOXX Limited. “Our STOXX Low Carbon index family enables investors to easily incorporate sustainability factors into their portfolio which focus on carbon emissions. Especially the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index provides an innovative solution to track companies that are leaders in mitigating climate change and are publicly committed to reducing carbon emissions. We are delighted to be one of the first index companies incorporating this data provided by the market leader CDP into a global family of indices.”

“Indices have a tremendous impact on investor behavior, as they give valuable orientation and benchmarks for investment decisions. For 15 years now CDP has provided investors with data and analysis that allow them to incorporate climate factors into their investment approach that can highlight mitigation leaders and laggards.” said Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of CDP. “We are delighted to be part of this initiative together with STOXX and ISS ESG to launch this low carbon index family. These innovative indices will flag the growing importance of climate issues in portfolios and encourage investment flows into low-emitting companies, such as those within CDPs Climate A List, thus fostering the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

The STOXX Low Carbon Indices are based on reported and estimated carbon emission data of companies, collated and provided by CDP Europe (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) as part of CDP Worldwide, the leading international non-profit organization working with shareholders and companies to systematically change market behavior and ISS ESG, a leading emission reduction project developer. The STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index is based on CDP’s global Climate A List that includes those companies with the most advanced and most effective climate change mitigation strategies. The 822 investors who request disclosure through CDP represent more than a third of the world’s invested capital. The STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index is the first ever index available to market participants that tracks the global CDP Climate A List.

As part of the four sub-families, the STOXX Low Carbon Indices use both estimated and reported carbon intensity data and are closest to the underlying benchmark. They are aimed at investors who want to decarbonize their portfolio while participating in the market movements. For the STOXX Reported Low Carbon Indices, the carbon footprint is calculated by using reported data only. The STOXX Industry Leaders Indices are a group of blue-chip indices with a fixed component number, and include the companies with the lowest carbon emissions per industry according to estimated and reported data. The STOXX Low Carbon Footprint Indices have the lowest carbon footprint as they exclude high emission supersectors and the worst emitters. These indices are mainly aimed at structured product providers.

The universe for the STOXX Low Carbon index family is the STOXX Global 1800 Index. From this, components are selected on the basis of their carbon intensity data. The indices are price weighted with a weight factor based on the free-float market cap multiplied by the corresponding Z-score carbon intensity factor of each constituent, subject to a 5% cap. Companies with lower carbon intensities are overweighted, while companies with higher carbon intensities are underweighted. Additionally, the STOXX Industry Leaders Indices will be available in equal weight versions.

The STOXX Low Carbon Indices are calculated in price, net and gross return versions and are available in the following currencies: euro, US dollar, Australian dollar and Japanese yen. Historical data for this index family is available from Dec. 19, 2011. The indices are reviewed annually in December.

Please see the table below for a full list of available indices:


Index tracking CDP’s global Climate A List: STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index


STOXX Low Carbon Indices

STOXX Reported Low Carbon Indices

STOXX Industry Leaders Indices

STOXX Low Carbon Footprint Indices

STOXX Global 1800 Low Carbon

STOXX Global Reported Low Carbon

STOXX Global Low Carbon 100

STOXX Global Low Carbon Footprint

STOXX Global 1800 Ex USA Low Carbon

STOXX Europe Reported Low Carbon

STOXX Global Low Carbon 100 Equal Weight

STOXX Europe Low Carbon Footprint

STOXX Global 1800 Ex Japan Low Carbon

EURO STOXX Reported Low Carbon

STOXX Global Low Carbon 400


STOXX Global 1800 Ex Australia Low Carbon

STOXX USA Reported Low Carbon

STOXX Global Low Carbon 400 Equal Weight


STOXX Global 1800 Ex Europe Low Carbon


STOXX Europe Low Carbon 50


STOXX Europe 600 Low Carbon


STOXX Europe Low Carbon 50 Equal Weight


EURO STOXX 50 Low Carbon


STOXX Europe Low Carbon 100




STOXX Europe Low Carbon 100 Equal Weight


STOXX USA Low Carbon


STOXX USA Low Carbon 50


STOXX Japan Low Carbon


STOXX USA Low Carbon 50 Equal Weight



Please visit www.stoxx.com/lowcarbon for further information.


# # #

Media contacts:


STOXX:              Andrea Weidemann, andrea.weidemann@stoxx.com, Phone: +41 58 399 3568

             Lara Atkinson, lara.atkinson@stoxx.com, Phone: +49 69 211 12977

CDP Europe:   Susan Dreyer, susan.dreyer@cdp.net, Phone : +49 30 311 777 160

                          Raffaella Colombo, raffaella.colombo@cdp.net, Phone : +32 475 983 421


Note to Editors:

About STOXX Limited

STOXX Ltd. is a global index provider, currently calculating a global, comprehensive index family of over 7,000 strictly rules-based and transparent indices. Best known for the leading European equity indices EURO STOXX 50, STOXX Europe 50 and STOXX Europe 600, STOXX Ltd. maintains and calculates the STOXX Global index family which consists of total market, broad and blue-chip indices for the regions Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and sub-regions Latin America and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as well as global markets.

To provide market participants with optimal transparency, STOXX indices are classified into three categories. Regular “STOXX” indices include all standard, theme and strategy indices that are part of STOXX’s integrated index family and follow a strict rules-based methodology. The “iSTOXX” brand typically comprises less standardized index concepts that are not integrated in the STOXX Global index family, but are nevertheless strictly rules-based. While indices that are branded “STOXX” and “iSTOXX” are developed by STOXX for a broad range of market participants, the “STOXX Customized” brand covers indices that are specifically developed for clients and do not carry the STOXX brand in the index name.

STOXX indices are licensed to more than 500 companies around the world as underlyings for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), futures and options, structured products and passively managed investment funds. Three of the top ETFs in Europe and approximately 25% of all assets under management are based on STOXX indices. STOXX Ltd. holds Europe's number one and the world's number two position in the derivatives segment.


STOXX is part of Deutsche Börse Group, and markets the DAX indices. www.stoxx.com


About CDP Europe gGmbH

CDP Europe is part of the CDP worldwide network, an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP works with market forces, including 822 institutional investors with assets of over €86 trillion, to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them. More than 5,500 companies worldwide, of which nearly 1,800 in Europe, disclosed environmental information through CDP in 2015. CDP now holds the largest collection globally of primary climate change, water and forest risk commodities information and puts these insights at the heart of strategic business, investment and policy decisions. Please visit www.cdp.net/europe or follow us @CDP to find out more.

STOXX, Deutsche Börse Group and their licensors, research partners or data providers do not make any warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to the timeliness, sequence, accuracy, completeness, currentness, merchantability, quality or fitness for any particular purpose of its index data and exclude any liability in connection therewith. STOXX, Deutsche Börse Group and their licensors, research partners or data providers are not providing investment advice through the publication of indices or in connection therewith. In particular, the inclusion of a company in an index, its weighting, or the exclusion of a company from an index, does not in any way reflect an opinion of STOXX, Deutsche Börse Group or their licensors, research partners or data providers on the merits of that company. Financial instruments based on the STOXX® indices, DAX® indices or on any other indices supported by STOXX are in no way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by STOXX, Deutsche Börse Group or their licensors, research partners or data providers.



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STOXX Launches Comprehensive Family Of Low Carbon Indices
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