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Introducing iSTUDIO – STOXX’s Do-It-Yourself Index Development Solution

Introducing iSTUDIO – STOXX’s Do-It-Yourself Index Development Solution

Jan. 22, 2020

Jan. 22, 2020


By Stephan Flägel, Head of Indices and Benchmarks, Qontigo
Indexing has revolutionized asset management, a trend not just driven by low costs but also by investors’ need for differentiation and efficiency.

With more and more people turning to systematic and passive strategies, demand has also grown at a fast pace for customized indices and increasingly sophisticated solutions built on analytics. 

With this in mind, Qontigo has launched STOXX iSTUDIO™, an integrated end-to-end index development application powered by market-leading infrastructure that allows users to build their own indices.

Through STOXX’s proven methodologies, concepts, calculation infrastructure and open-architecture access to world-leading data, iSTUDIO users can transform ideas into a rules-based index in a fast way. 

Unlock the power of index creation 

iSTUDIO has been thought for asset owners, active and passive managers, ETF providers, consultants and everyone else seeking to reap the benefits of indexing be it for benchmarking, to manage portfolios in a systematic way, or to address specific clients’ needs and enhance their experience. The ethos behind the new platform is ‘think it, test it, launch it.’ 

The possibilities are endless. iSTUDIO users can implement weight-focused, factor-based, sustainable and thematic views in their portfolios. They keep control of their options and system parameters through three stages, including: 

   Index development

      ● Extensive availability of investment universes
      ● Choice of region, sector and country allocation
      ● Environmental, social & governance (ESG) scores
      ● Liquidity screens
      ● Weighting approaches and caps

   Backtesting & analytics

      ● Rebalancing and review
      ● Historical index values
      ● Price, net and gross return 
      ● Currencies
      ● Corporate actions processing
      ● Risk and return characteristics
      ● Trading calendars 


      ● Transparent cost structure
      ● Choice of multiple index brands
      ● Ten-business-day production after index creation


Gain freedom

Results populate immediately due to iSTUDIO’s cutting-edge in-memory database. The entire process provides users with flexibility and convenience. Created indices are administered by STOXX within the BMR regulatory framework. 

Upcoming enhancements planned

Following the initial launch, we plan to expand iSTUDIO to incorporate Axioma’s risk and analytics solutions. This will offer a comprehensive hub for exclusive, intelligent index-building and portfolio-construction. As we further pool the strengths of Axioma’s and STOXX’s capabilities into the recently formed Qontigo, iSTUDIO will be an important mechanism for our clients to access and combine these building blocks.

The evolution of investing

iSTUDIO is possible due to the combination of ever-sophisticated investors, better data and more powerful technologic capabilities. It’s a testament to the evolution of investing, which runs at incredible speed and continuously presents us with opportunities. STOXX has been synonym of innovation for over 30 years, and we are excited to introduce this new milestone in indexing.

Every investor is different and deserves a very unique solution to their needs. That’s why we work to bring indexing even closer to the end user – quite literally at the tap of a finger. We look forward to working together with our clients in developing their individual and unique investment projects.

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Introducing iSTUDIO – STOXX’s Do-It-Yourself Index Development Solution
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