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STOXX Named ‘Index Specialist of the Year’ by Wealth & Finance International

STOXX Named ‘Index Specialist of the Year’ by Wealth & Finance International

Aug. 16, 2017

Aug. 16, 2017

STOXX Ltd. has been named ‘Index Specialist of the Year 2017’ at the Wealth & Money Management Awards, handed out by Wealth & Finance International magazine.

The publication recognized STOXX for its growth and the continued introduction of innovative strategies and capabilities into new domains.

Path into intelligent, targeted and customized indices
As manager of the well-known EURO STOXX 50® Index and STOXX® Europe 600 Index, STOXX’s presence in the European equity market is well established. Approximately 25% of assets under management in the region are based on STOXX indices, and the firm has a market share of over 86% in the European structured products space.

But the last 18 months have seen a succession of new products that are cementing STOXX as a referent in innovative indexing. These are intelligent, targeted and customized indices that help the specific needs of institutional investors and that keep the transparent and rules-based methodology that has characterized STOXX since the beginning.

“We see increased demand from big global pension funds that allocate more capital to passive products – and want customized solutions,” STOXX CEO Matteo Andreetto said in an interview with Wealth & Finance International. “We listen to our clients and their investment needs as they often inspire us to develop innovative indices.”

Inflows into new strategies

Two trends are fueling the growth in passive strategies: On the one hand, large institutional investors are increasingly turning to index-based solutions as a way to achieve investment objectives in a targeted and less costly way. At the same time, new strategies are emerging thanks to the growing availability of qualitative and quantitative corporate information.

Taking stock of highlights and new achievements

These converging trends have resulted in a string of milestones at STOXX in the past 18 months. Among them, the introduction of the EURO STOXX® 50 Corporate Bond Index took STOXX into the fixed-income territory. The benchmark led to multi-asset indices that allow investors a unique passive-based dynamic asset allocation.

The listing of iSTOXX Europe Factor indices futures on Eurex was another highlight. The futures help investors capture the risk premia observed in targeted factors and, additionally, to do it a market-neutral way that eliminates systematic risk.

There were other developments of note in the alternative-weighting space. A partnership with Japan’s MUTB led to the introduction of indices that track quality companies in Asia as well as businesses that actively reinvest in their physical and human capital.

Elsewhere, STOXX indices following as diverse strategies as minimum variance, thematic megatrends and infrastructure became the underlying for passive products covering geographies from China to the US to global markets.

In May 2016 STOXX expanded the existing STOXX Select and STOXX Diversification Select index families that have helped bring down the cost of structured products. The new indices combine investment themes such as low carbon and sustainability with low volatility, high dividend and low correlation screens.

STOXX also boosted its suite of sustainability-themed indices, an area where it is becoming the go-to partner for passive strategies. This ranges from the STOXX Low Carbon index family to benchmarks that track the global leaders in environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. In the first quarter of this year, the STOXX Climate Impact and Climate Awareness indices came into being. They incorporate the CDP climate-change scoring methodology to capture companies’ progress towards a low-carbon economy.

Open architecture, new offices

Andreetto also points to a key change in the past year: STOXX has opened up its architecture on data and Internet Protocols. Instead of forcing investors to use only STOXX’s proprietary data, the company collaborates with the best data provider in each field.

Apart from CDP and MUTB, STOXX has also partnered up with FactSet Revere for the iSTOXX FactSet Thematic Indices; and with Alpha Centauri for the iSTOXX Europe Factor Indices.

In the past 12 months, STOXX has expanded physically too, opening up offices in Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Investment Intelligence Hub

But it’s the road ahead that looks particularly exciting for STOXX. The growth of ‘big data,’ multiple interconnection and intelligent mechanisms have amplified the possibilities of indexing. Current direction at STOXX is being led by the transformation from an indexing business to what Andreetto calls an Investment Intelligence Hub, a factory that converts data into investment tools that are as varied as they are easy to use.

“We think the way for us to keep growing our business is to stick to what we are good at,” said Andreetto. “Generating rules-based, qualitative, transparent and liquid investment strategies.”

To read the entire Wealth & Finance International interview with Andreetto and learn more about STOXX’s highlights of the past year, please click here.

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STOXX Named ‘Index Specialist of the Year’ by Wealth & Finance International
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