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STOXX ESG Leaders Indices

The STOXX ESG Leaders indices are a group of sustainability indices based on a fully transparent and rule-based selection process. Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of ESG research and analysis, provides key performance indicators (KPIs) to construct a relative rating using a fully transparent weighting model. The ratings are calculated for three sub-areas: environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G). They relate to all companies in the base universe STOXX Global 1800.

Each of the three sub-areas is represented in an index. Together they are summed up to form the overall index, the STOXX ESG Leaders index. This roll-up feature enables investors to adjust the definition of sustainability across the three criteria by allocating their investment across the sub-indices accordingly.

The overall index STOXX ESG Leaders index serves as an underlying for the ESG Blue-chip indices covering blue-chip representations of different regions.

All ratings data are published within the STOXX Leaders selection list. In addition, the ratings model is based on KPI for 3.0 standard by DVFA, the Society of Investment Professionals in Germany, and EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies.

STOXX will create customized indices using modified ratings algorithms, selection processes or alternative geographies upon client demand.

For further information about sustainable investments please also visit the DBAG portal (available in German only)

RegionGlobal ESG Leaders Indices
GlobalSTOXX Global ESG Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Governance Leaders
AmericasSTOXX North America ESG Leaders 50
Asia/PacificSTOXX Asia/ Pacific ESG Leaders 50
EuropeSTOXX Europe ESG Leaders 50
EurozoneEURO STOXX ESG Leaders 50
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