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Conferences & Events

Innovate2Invest 2019

ESG – Beyond Trends & Mainstream

STOXX’s Innovate2Invest 2019 took place on May 21 in London. The annual conference was dedicated to expert discussions around “ESG – Beyond Trends and Mainstream”.


Firms worldwide are being evaluated at ever higher standards, as environmental factors, ethical and transparent governance and social value are becoming the backbone of investing practices. We explored what this means for the investment industry going forward.


Explore Innovate2Invest 2019 by watching our highlights reel as well as individual speeches, panel discussions and interview sessions, revisiting our contributors’ presentations or reading further commentary on Pulse Online.


We are looking forward to welcoming you next year! 


Innovate2Invest: Highlights



Explore Innovate2Invest 2019

Welcome Address - Roberto Lazzarotto

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The Future (s) of ESG Investing - Steffen Hörter

Watch the Video

View the Presentation

ESG Regulation is Coming – What is Next?

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View Presentations:

Bruno Rauis

Simon Howard

Olivier Jaeggi


ESG Integration in Scandinavia – “Learning from the Pioneers”

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View Presentations:

Shila Wattamwar

Diana van Maasdijk


ESG Derivatives & Implementation – How Does ESG Impact Investment Performance?

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View Presentations:

Achim Karle

Magnus Linder

Tobias Runkehl

Willem Keogh


Keynote Speaker - Søren Hermansen 

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View the Presentation


ESG Strategies for a Sustainable Portfolio Construction

Watch the Video


How to Think Sustainable Thematics?

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Other conferences and events

Date City/Country Conference / Event Speaker
19-21/06 DanaPoint, CA/USA Global Indexing & ETFs Roberto Lazzarotto, Christoph Gackstatter
20/06 London, UK European Pensions  
20/06 Hong Kong Axioma Asia Summit Inderpal Gujral
26-27/06 Barcelona, Spain

Factset Investment Process Symposium

Roberto Lazzarotto
11-12/09 Des Moines, USA Indexed Insurance Forum  
18/09 Shanghai, China

Structured Retail Products

18/09 New York, USA FT-Future of Asset Management Summit