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As the ECB considers the repo market’s rate as a potential EONIA substitute, we talk to Yuliyan Georgiev, Fixed Income Director at STOXX, about its merits.
Indices for China and Europe pace the month’s retreat amid investor concerns that a global trade war has started.

GC Pooling Deferred: Q&A

Jul 17, 2018 Add

Trade Concerns Weigh on Stocks in June

Jul 10, 2018 Add

Top Stories

The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence

From Google to chipmakers and even governments, artificial intelligence promises to shake – and boost – revenue streams.
Feb. 01, 2018

Equities’ Bull Run Picks Up in January

Global stocks post best month since March 2016; strong euro continues to hold back gains for European investors.
Feb. 05, 2018

‘Big Data’ Fueling Transformation in Asset Management

Artificial intelligence analytics is re-inventing the role data plays in managing money and disrupting the industry.
Jan. 16, 2017
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